The Story of the Stars

Centuries ago, explorers left their homeland in search of new adventures and new opportunities.  These brave men and women had no maps to follow, just some simple tools:  a sextant, a compass, and an astrolabe.  These tools allowed the explorers to use the stars to find their way.  The most important stars were (and still are) those found in a familiar constellation:  Ursa Major

Ursa Major points to the Polaris, the north star.  Ursa Major and Polaris still help humans find their way when they are lost or away from home.  In a similar way, Millswood's five stars...Attendance, Academics, Behavior, Citizenship and Sportsmanship...will help our students find their way from the comfort of elementary school to the new lands of middle and high school.  When you are lost, the stars will show you the way. 

And Ursa Major?  That's Latin for "Great Bear".  Why else would we choose the Grizzly as our mascot?


The Big Dipper